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Step 1 : The boy’s need for some quick and easy money presents an opportunity to offer just enough cash to coax him to strip for a few harmless nude photos.

Step 2 : Appeal to the boy’s ego, complimenting his physique and his endowment… such a heroic lean muscled body that would look even more heroic if he consented to try a little bit of bondage.

Step 3 : Start to test the boy’s level of endurance… push a few limits as the horizontal beam raises higher… stretching his arms upward until his feet barely touch the floor. About this time, he may experience more than a little trepidation and a few concerns about accepting this proposal to earn the money.

Step 4 : Raise the beam and the boy higher, letting him experience his first  time of being utterly helpless dangling on such exquisite display. He’ll likely plead to be lowered back down which is about the time his ankles can be restrained to the vertical post.

Step 5 : Show him the impaling dildo before attaching it to the small perch on the vertical post. By this point, the boy may realize he’s been duped… the strain in his muscles will intensify bit by bit… he knows what will happen if he sinks down onto that lubricated phallic plug.

Step 6-9 : Enjoy the groans of humiliation and the sight of his muscles strenuously flexing as he strains to avoid impaling himself. Depending on his level of stamina, it could take several hours before he exhausts himself… eventually collapsing downward to the point where the only support he can find is when his straight virgin ass sinks down on to the invading perch phallus.

Step 10 : Offer the boy a chance to earn his freedom by encouraging him to shoot a load of cum… merely by riding the oily thick phallus. If he finds that too degrading.. too humiliating, then let him hang there for a few hours before checking back to see if he’s had a change of heart.