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In the BDSM community it may be hard to tell where the line between kinky consensual play and abuse is crossed. Let this be a rule of thumb: trust your intuition. If you feel something is wrong, IT PROBABLY IS. If you feel you are being mistreated, SAY SOMETHING.


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i have experienced every single one of these listed under “Abuser” All by the same person a few years back. It was hell and will tear one down completely. It took me a long time to heal and get past it. i was extremely close to giving up on exploring D/s altogether and had to take a long break. PLEASE if you experience any of these things, speak up, find someone to talk to. The Abuser will try to make you feel guilty or that you are disrespecting them and the relationship if you seek advice or help. That is all part of their abusive game as well. Discretion and privacy in a relationship is one thing. But a true and good Dom/Domme will not forbid you to reach out to others in the community or otherwise.

Please be safe.

If these things are happening to you then please come to me for help, or support. I promise I’ll help you in anyway I can.


not an exhaustive list but maybe it’ll help someone reading this

i’ve met loads of abusers who call themselves “Doms”, who try to validate their actions by calling it bdsm.

another red flag i feel is people who are unwilling to discuss or be critical of kinks, including their own kinks

In the end the bottom line is enjoyment. If you enjoy a certain dynamic then all the power to you, but if you’re being mitigated, and diminished when you try to voice your opinion….well that’s not d’s. Subs don’t forget you are “property” not property (if that’s your thing). You choose to give yourself to someone and never forget that. Just because you submit doesn’t mean you signed away your voice and rights. If you aren’t enjoying something then speak up and if your dominant ignores you, you leave. There are way to many things that can go wrong with intense d’s play already you don’t need to add any extra risk. Don’t top from the bottom but, if your gut tells you something is wrong, trust it. P.s my inbox is always open as well if you need to talk.

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so apparently my school has decided to put blocks on all my porn sites….bastards….

rebel by fapping to ancient roman porn. if that’s blocked you can accuse them of screwing with your education. 

that works! reminds me….for all of those so inclined to know the word “masturbate” actually comes from the Latin word “turbo”. To masturbate is literally to “disturb with your hand” :)